Saturday, February 13, 2010

New items in my shop!

Hey Everyone!

I just added a couple new things into my shop. A new twist to my photo cards, they are 5 1/2' by 5 1/2' and they have a small wallet size photograph in the middle with photo corners. I like them alot and i'm using them for valentines this year! You can choose what photo you'd like and i'll put that photo on four cards in the set. Here is a exsample photo of my new product!

They also come with white envelopes!

Another product that i'm excited about is a customized photo calender! Pick one photo and i'll put that on a 8x10 sized calender for you. Long images look the best, but I do it to fit the size. And the long horizontal images look best! Because it takes up the whole top part of the calender. Unless you have two images you want side by side.. Thats up to you! You customize it how you want it!


There are two ways you can order it. Or on the last one if you want two pictures like that, you can do that too.

Another product ive just added are little mini photo notecards. Here are a picture of those. And if you want to see more of all these products, you can check out my shop at ..

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Sarah Fox Photography

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